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We all know that piracy is not good. So if you cannot afford the commercial software, go for a good freeware alternative. Please do not go for cracks.

I have tried to list the freeware for a web developer. I think some of them are better than any commercial offering. Let me know your views.




Image Editor


Photo Viewer

1. Irfanview
2. Picasa

Picasa along with photo organizer and Picasa Web Album uploader is also a great image viewer with cool fx



Supports zip, tar, gzip, bzip2 along with its own 7z compression. Unzips all including rar. And yes, Winzip and Winrar are paid too.


I know Adobe reader comes free. But with some powerful apps running we sometimes need a lighter PDF reader. Foxit PDF reader is free and its really light.

Color Picker

Desktop Color Picker


If you are used to MS Office, you will find almost no difference. And there are some added advantages too. It allows you to save directly to a pdf.

All in one installer

WAMP Server

Installs and configures Apache, MySQL, PHP at one click.

There are loads of other software for various use. Let me know a category which is missing, and I will try to include a freeware for that.

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  1. Nakul Ezhuthupally says:

    “Software is like sex: it's better when it's free.” – Linus Torvalds

    I guess that's true.

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