Drupal Database Installation Problem Solved


While installing Drupal sometimes you might get stuck on the database configuration page. After entering the data and submitting, the page just reloads and nothing happens. Follow the below steps for the solution.

1. I know you have already done this step, but just to mention, please go through the database details once again and confirm they are all OK. The username, password, database name, host everything.

2. Open sites\default\settings.php
Search for $db_url =
Enter the database details manually. The format is described below


Replace username, password, localhost and databasename with database user name, database password, database host and database name respectively

If no database password is set (mostly when using local installation) the format would be


Hope that solves this issue. Njoy 🙂

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5 Responses to Drupal Database Installation Problem Solved

  1. Srinivas Gowda says:

    worked out well, thanks for the solution and keep up the good work.

    Srinivas Gowda

  2. Mehdi says:

    You are my hero
    thanks a lot

  3. Mehdi says:

    You are my hero
    thanks a lot

  4. Good Info…fairly useful things! At least someone in existence is attempting to deliver beneficial info.

  5. Prakash says:

    Good job. It was really very useful for me as i am new to drupal installation.
    Thanks for your post. It worked.

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