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It is a common issue in Magento. After uploading images from back end, the images are shown in back end, but are not displayed on the front end. To solve follow the below steps. Any one of them might solve the issue for you, or even you might need to apply all. Try your luck 🙂

1. In back end go to System -> Cache Management. Click all check boxes. Choose ‘Refresh’ option from ‘All Cache’ drop down. Click ‘Save Cache Settings’. Once the page reloads select ‘Disable’ from drop down and again press ‘Save Cache Settings’.

2. On the same page you will find a button ‘Clear’ beside ‘Images Cache’. Click it.

3. Go to Catalog -> Manage Products. Click the specific product. Go to ‘Images’ tab. Beside the image there will be 3 radio buttons (Base Image, Small Image, Thumbnail). See if the required radio is selected or not. Also check if Exclude is checked or not. If checked uncheck it and save product.

4. Upload another image. Assign all radio to that image. Save the product. Then reassign the required radio options to the actual image and save again.

And yes also clear your browser cache. I hope by now the image is showing in front end. If not just add a comment.

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38 Responses to Magento :: Images Not Showing In Front End

  1. sukumar says:

    nice information about magento I got new message about magento. I will tell who want inform about megento. Magento eCommerce Development

  2. gopal says:


    this is goood information for the developer.


  3. parivallal says:

    it is not working.i tried the steps


  4. Marcel says:

    not working for me either. additionally tried to disable all caches, but still nothing.

    magento creates the proper directories like this


    but nothing is in there.

  5. Sumit Surai says:

    @parivallal @Marcel – Are the images coming in the backend in product details section? You can also check if you have proper permission in the respective folders, which might stop the image from being uploaded.

  6. Firoz Khan says:

    I followed all these steps but It’s not working

  7. Firoz Khan says:

    I change permission of media folder but it didn’t work.
    actually my category image not coming also. while on my localhost everything is going well.

    Thank you

    Firoz Khan

  8. Art Awan says:

    Hey Guys i worked it out very simple.

    Goto to your cache folder and rename it to _cache, then go and refresh all cache management and refresh all caches.

    It really is that simple.

    in-case i am not too clear just drop me a mail and i will try and explain in more details.

    Thanks to codeboss and Firoz

    • Alexandra says:

      im having exact same issue – magento version as well as the hellowired theme.
      I’ve tried all of the above but its not working. Also I can see the images, but if access the two images from any other computer, they cannot see it.

  9. Firoz Khan says:

    Hello guys
    I’m trying to make category menu in left column and main menu also on the top while main menu is on the top if i make a change then my category menu show in top but in disorder. I didn’t completed my categories.

  10. Paul says:


    I was having the same trouble with my images, but I have successfully been able to load the main image. Now my problem is that the thumbnail images for different views are not showing up on the front-end page. In the back end the thumbnails are there, however they are not appearing on the front end page. Any suggestions?

  11. Arpita says:

    Hi Sumit,

    This is my URL.

    I am not getting any frontend or backend images and I am getting 403 Forbidden error when I try to open the image manually by writing URL for image.

    Any help would be very much appreciated.

    Thanks in Advance.


  12. Sandhya says:


    i uploaded the category image in bakend there it showing image but in frontend its not plz help me any one, my product images are showing fine in frontend

    • Sumit Surai says:

      Hi Sandhya,
      There are a few solutions in the comments sections too. You can try them. Also check if there are proper permission for Magento to create resized images if you are defining custom size for the images in the frontend template file.

  13. mahesh says:


    I want to load the products in list which product have image?

    right now i am using one function
    like $products->addAttributeToSort(‘image’, ‘DESC’);
    and filter is $products->addAttributeToFilter(‘image’, array(‘neq’ => ‘no_selection’));

    Please help me

    thanks and regards

  14. Robert says:

    Hi there,

    The first thing you need to check is if you uploaded the files via ftp THROUGH an AUTO type transfer. Not ASCII, not Binary mode. If you did then delete everything and start again uploading them in auto mode. (Filezilla > Transfer > transfer type > Auto)


  15. Oscar Laura says:

    Go to media/catalog/product and rename cache folder to cache_ and create new folder with permission 777 and in backend refresh your magento app. Works for me.

  16. Brian says:

    This is absolutely brillant!
    So basically, I have to edit my 25.000 products one by one to check if Exclude is checked or not. Magento, best script ever. Never managed to have all my pictures on the frontend. Always 60 or 70% are missing. Looking at Open Cart or Prestashop. I hate Magento image and cache system. It is just crap.

  17. Ajeet Yadav says:

    my question is
    only my css is showing on my own theme image is not showing pls solve my problem. i am new to magento

  18. Lisanne says:


    I’m using Magento 1.7 and my problem is that the thumbnails in the category page won’t show (broken images, some with the image text shown), but if I click on the product, yet the image(s) on the product page are visible. I tried everything, how can I fix this?

  19. saurabh says:

    Hi, some of the images are showing in frontend and some are not ? what could be the issue ?

    any help ?

  20. Magento Developer says:

    Extremely useful for the beginners of Magento development,Thanks for sharing this post.

  21. webguy says:

    I have upload the Product Images… and they were showing on the Front Page… but suddenly all the image got hidden from the front and got replaced by Default Image/ Place Holder Image… but were visible on the Product Admin page…. this happened two times… so i again have to select the images from the Product Admin Page…..???

    What to do so in future they don’t get hidden or replaced by Default Image/ Place Holder Image… coz it takes a lot time to select the images again and again…

    Please Help me out

  22. Prakash says:

    Really fantastic post. this post helped me to solve my issues!!!

  23. ankit says:

    finally this post solved my issues !

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