WordPress Featured Posts Plugin With Multiple Custom Groups


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There are already a lot of plugins / widgets related to featured posts available for WordPress. So the first question is what’s new with this plugin. Let me try to explain the main features –

1. Installing the same plugin you can create multiple Featured Posts blocks in the sidebar using widgets. So there can be a Top Recipes, a Top Posts, a Best Films etc. , all using the same plugin.

2. All these multiple featured posts blocks can have separate content (obviously) which can be completely customized by you. How? You create as many groups as you want (from the plugin settings page) and associate the posts with these groups. One post can be placed under one or as many as you wish groups (and also under no groups). While configuring the widgets you can specify which groups to include and the posts under that group will be displayed. You can also select multiple groups for one featured posts block.

3. The look of the featured posts block can be completely customized from the widget section. There are options to include / exclude each section of the posts and also place HTML markup before and after each section to completely control the markup. And the icing on the cake is the feature to add custom CSS / featured block. With the help of these custom CSS the block can be designed completely as per the user’s need.

Do download and test this awesome plugin from the official WordPress website.

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