How To Fix WordPress Admin Dashboard Showing Blank Page


If you have not upgraded your WordPress for quite some time and are still using an old version you might face this problem.

The Problem

The front end will function as usual, but the admin after logging in will only show the left menu panel. The right section will be completely blank.

The Solution

Via FTP or File Manage download and / or edit the following file –


Search for the following –


Replace this with


Save and / or upload the file.

That should solve the problem.

Also never ignore to upgrade WordPress to the latest version. It will keep your site safe from security and other threats.

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3 Responses to How To Fix WordPress Admin Dashboard Showing Blank Page

  1. Jay says:

    When i click on author link , it didn’t redirect to same others post listing,,,,but re direct in home page
    any suggestion for how to fix that???

  2. Ahmed says:

    Many thanks, this solved my many hours of searching a fix for this project.

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