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I was trying the UC Browser for the past few days and found it is not just fast, but have several features which make it a real happening one. Let me go through them one by one.

To begin with this browser is fast. No doubt about that. And in countries like India, where the mobile internet connection is mostly bad, the speed of the browser is a huge huge plus. Next I liked their user interface. Cool, sleek and user friendly. Cool apps in the homescreen and easily manageable menu in the bottom. If you do lots of activity on Facebook you will love this browser too. Just like the Facebook app, you will get real time notifications even after exiting the browser. And accessing Facebook on the browser is faster. So if your connection is low try using FB from UC Browser and it will be easier than the app in such conditions. There is also a Browse Facebook Faster add on which will boost the experience.

But the feature that I liked the most is UC Cricket. It is a complete cricket update app which comes with the browser. The cricket short score updates are shown in notification area and clicking it opens the details with full scorecard, ball by ball updates and commentary. Being from India, Cricket is one sport which is like a madness for us. When an international match is in progress with India participating we try our best to watch it live. But not all matches are played on Sundays (apart from the finals of big tournaments), so we have to think hard to find a way to watch it. In the office canteen TV during lunch or food breaks (we are converted to hungry monsters on those days you see 🙂 ) or in front of any electronic goods showroom to catch few overs when out favourite batsmen are on the pitch, we try everything we can think of.

But with the UC Browser it has become a lot easier. Video streaming is real fast, so we can watch the match live wherever we are. Even if live streaming is not possible, the real time updater along with score details and ball by ball commentary is the next best thing possible. Love Cricket? Better install the browser on your mobile. You wont need to search Google or waste time finding a Cricket updates site again. UC Cricket is right there on your UC Browser homescreen.

I am a fan of left handed bating star Yuvraj Singh and loved him in the UC Cricket video. Have not yet watched it? Here it is for you guys –

I loved UC Browser and UC Cricket. I think you people should also give it a try. I am sure you would love them too.

Enjoy 🙂

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