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In this age of Internet, every day thousands of businesses are launching their websites. While the users enjoy the end product, there are lots of steps to build a site. From booking a domain to choosing the right hosting provider to designing the site and lastly developing it. Add to that the task of coordinating all these service providers. In this situation, wouldn’t it be great if all the above services could be ordered from the same place? plans to do exactly the same. They are a Pune based on demand websites and mobile app development services aggregator startup, who claim to bring everything related to website and mobile app building under the same umbrella. Founded in December 2015, by Pandit Kadam, claims to have more than 150 freelance web developers and digital agencies on its platform.

The startup competes with other online service marketplaces like Urbanclap, Localoye, Zimmber and many others. But the main difference is, when these sites provide services on a huge variety, is concentrating on Web and App Development making it more domain specific and a specialized service provider.

According to founder Pandit Kadam, “Differentiation factor is that this startup focusing & targeting only website & mobile apps services instead bulk of all categories like Urbanclap & Zimmber, so that able to provide services to clients more excellent ways”.

Till date the company is self funded. They are not very eager to raise funds right now. But they do have plans to start looking for funds in 2-3 months to expand operations and offer more services.

For the time being they are providing services in India only and plans to receive 100 orders per day in the next one year.

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