Creating a new page in Zen Cart


To create a new page in Zen Cart follow the below steps.

We will be creating a new page called new_page and it will be accessible via browser using the following link

1. Go to includes\modules\pages\
Create a folder new_page (the folder name should be same as the name of the page)
Inside it create a page header_php.php . Keep it blank for the time being.

2. Go to includes\templates\{your template}\templates … Replace {your template} with the name of your template.
Create a page tpl_new_page_default.php (The naming should be like this – tpl_+{page name}+_default.php)

The above steps will create the new_page. It will show a blank body portion for the time being. Add your code in the above mentioned files to show whatever you want.

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5 Responses to Creating a new page in Zen Cart

  1. Reynold Hugh says:

    Little but Helpful One!
    Zen Cart Templates

  2. amit says:

    Not Working ……………….

  3. minakshi says:

    thank you but i want to show all the page content as well as page title how can i do this plz reply me as soon as possible.

  4. minakshi says:

    page created but i want to show the content as well as its page title to created page how can i show it. now it is a blank page
    thank you

  5. Daniel says:

    Works great, but how do I get the breadcrumbs to work?

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