Open And Convert CDR , PSD Files For Free


Many a times it happens that as the developer of a certain project you will get a PSD (Photoshop) or CDR (Coreldraw) file from either the designer or the client. And as a developer its more than possible that you wont be having software like Photoshop or Coreldraw installed in your desktop. So if you want to view the files or convert it to formats like Jpeg or BMP there is a great free solution. Its the free image viewer IrfanView.

You can download the software here.

With IrfanView you can view a lot of file types and even create slideshows. Find the complete list here.

File Conversion

To convert the PSD, CDR etc. files to JPEG do the following –

1. Open it in IrfanView
2. Go to File -> Save As
3. Choose the file format in which you want to convert the file to.

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  1. Neil Kelly says:

    I really enjoyed this info. I would expect same in next post. Website Design Companies

  2. prabakaran says:


  3. Sebastian says:


    Nice Info, to use IrfanView, but currently, it cannot open cdr-Files from Corel and cdr is not listet on supported files list. 🙁
    Do you know any other way?


  4. diataf says:

    good info

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