Zen Cart Slide Out Vertical Category Sub Category Menu Sidebox Plugin Download



Please download the plugin from here, hosted in the official Zen-Cart site.

Plugin Description

This Zen-Cart plugin creates a new side-box which shows all the active categories as well as the sub categories. At any time all the active sub categories are also loaded recursively and not only when a parent category is visited as in the regular category side box. The sub categories are shown as slide out sections on rolling over their respective parent sections.

Installation and Modification

All the files used are new files and hence no over writing of core Zen Cart files are needed. After placing all the files maintaining the folder structure, the side box needs to be activated from the admin back end. Of course the original category side box needs to be deactivated also.

For modification of design please play with the provided CSS.


The slide out menu JavaScript is written by Dean Parkinson and can be downloaded separately from dhtmlgoodies site

Update (01-04-2012)

Added an updated version which supports Zen Cart 1.5.0 and is PHP 5.3 compatible. Also fixes the blank sidebox bug some users are getting.

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11 Responses to Zen Cart Slide Out Vertical Category Sub Category Menu Sidebox Plugin Download

  1. Deaz says:

    Nice post.

  2. Uwe says:

    i tried to install this plugin. i did all like it is mentioned in the readme.
    but the result is an empty category-box.
    maybe you can help me if there is something to do which is not mentioned
    in the readme. i downloaded the plugin from zen cart homepage.
    kind regards

  3. jyb says:

    I like it, modified the colors and size to work with most browsers but would like to add an arrow on main menu for categories with a slide out, can anyone help?

  4. Gimondi says:

    Hi, I got the same problem that Uwe mentioned. Followed alle the steps and got an empty categorie box as result. I’m using Zen Cart v1.5.0.

    Can you help me to fix this problem?

  5. Gimondi says:

    Hello, I have got the same problem with the empty categorie box. I followed the steps, renamed the “your_template” map and copied everything in the right place. I’m using Zencart v1.5. Can you help me sort out this problem. I’ve seen the slide out menu working on another site and it looks really nice.

  6. Sumit Surai says:

    Everyone who is getting the blank sidebox error please update to the latest version (1.1)

  7. haricot says:

    It can work on zencart 1.5.1, thank you very much. 🙂

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