Enhance Your Gmail Experince With Labs


We all love Gmail for its numerous great features. But there are lots more hidden which we can activate to further enhance our experience. Labs is the place to find those gems. Lets first check where to find Labs.

1. Click the “Settings” button after logging in to your Gmail account.
2. Under “Settings” click the tab “Labs”

Here you will find listed the features which you can optionally enable. The features which gets popular are graduated and implemented in the Gmail default settings, while the not so popular ones are removed from the list. Tasks and Forgot Attachment Reminder are two past Labs feature which were graduated and now are default Gmail features.

Among the current Lab features for example “Undo Send” is helpful when you accidentally send a mail. With this feature enabled you can cancel the sending for a few seconds. If you click “Cancel” within this time you are saved!!!

So go on and try the features available in Labs and see how they enhance your daily Gmail experience.

Happy Gmailing 🙂

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