How To Set Favicon For Your Website


Favicon or favorites icon are the small icons that are shown in front of the URL in the tabs of your browser and also in your bookmarks. Lets see how we can set up a custom favicon for your website.

Create the Icon

To create icons you need an icon maker. We will go a free one and Junior Icon Editor is a good software. You can download it from here. It is pretty easy to use and you need to create a 16×16 icon.

Setup the Icon

For some browsers like Internet Explorer saving the file in the same folder where the webpage is stored is enough to show the favicon in the browser. But for others like Firefox and Chrome you need to add a line in the head section.

If you want to setup different icons for different pages just add the respective names in their head section.

Lets see now how creative you can get with the tiny icon on your browser 🙂

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  1. I added favicon to my blog a year ago, it”s simple. Thanks for sharing.

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